Vernonia calvoana


Aden Earth Zone

9 – 20


Cultivation: Easy-To-Grow

Light: Sun

Soil: Mid-Fertility

pH: 7

Moisture: Medium, Dry, Well-Drained


Form: Herbaceous

Habit: Annual

Flower: Small, Pink, White

Fruit/Seed: Small

Foliage: Leaves, Green

Uses: Edible, Industrial


Common names for these species include bitterleaf, ewuro, ndole and onugbu.

This is a common vegetable garden plant in most West African and Central African countries. They are one of the most widely consumed leaf vegetables of Cameroon, where they are a key ingredient of Ndolé.

The leaves have a sweet and bitter taste. They are sold fresh or dried, and are a typical ingredient in egusi soup.

Category: Species

Vernonia calvoana

CategoryKingdomPlantaeDivisionClassOrderAsteralesFamilyAsteraceaeGenusVernoniaVarieties in this speciesAdd a variety

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